Skills Training For Adolescence

Todays youth are tomorrows leaders. CBTS works with local adolescents providing life skills training sessions. We focus on several topics such as but not limited to:

Team Building

Appreciate diverse and unique backgrounds of
team members and the importance of uniting
around a common goal.

Conflict Resolution

Build skills in anger management, perspective-taking,
and problem-solving strategies.

Financial Literacy

Learn the benefits of saving money, investing, and
making smart financial decisions.

Healthy Habits

Identify the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the
consequences of an unhealthy one.

Community Building

Learn to build a vision for a community that will improve education and quality of life for its residents.

Personal Appearance

Learn that dress and presentation convey a message about self-concept.

Self Discovery / Character Building

Develop goal-setting skills, identify learning
preferences, and build confidence, resilience and
perseverance in ability to succeed.

Educational Planning

Recognize the relationship between education,
careers and lifestyle.

Bullying Prevention

Identify bullying behavior and develop skills in
empathy-building, reflection and mindfulness